The Late Mr. Sultan
Mohammed Al-Jaber
JTC Founder

“JTC is committed to build the future city of Qatar with the latest and modern building design, structure and technology, rich in quality, safety and environmental awareness towards its staff, people, and the land.”

Engr. Mohammed
Sultan Al-Jaber

Al Jaber Group Chairman

“JTC is committed into becoming a benchmark in the construction industry, measured with excellent quality of work, professional staff, managers and skilled workforce.”

Mr. Jaber Sultan Al-Jaber
Al Jaber Group Vice Chairman, Administration

“JTC looks after its workforce with care in terms of health, safety and a conducive working environment.”

Engr. Salah Sultan Al-Jaber
Al Jaber Group Vice Chairman, Finance & Business Development / JTC Chief Executive Officer

“JTC remains devoted to its philosophy and belief in building high quality projects in an ethical manner with fair profit, thus developing mutual beneficial partnerships with its customers and clients.”

Mr. Zeyad Abu Ajina
JTC Managing Director

“JTC is committed to customer satisfaction, accomplished through understanding and fulfilling our customer’s needs, requirements and expectations.”

Eng. Mohammed Alhamayda
Acting General Manager

“JTC is committed to develop and build projects that aim to a higher quality and growth with the dedication to protect the environment and to make sure that the health and safety of our staff, employees, and everyone involved is always taken into consideration. JTC seeks excellence in modernizing the construction industry by being the benchmark in which top construction and contracting companies are measured.”