Al Jaber Trading & Contracting Co., W.L.L. (JTC) is committed to fulfill the Integrated Management System (IMS) to serve as a framework in establishing corporate goals and objectives in line with the following:

  • JTC is committed to comply with the requirements of its stakeholders and focus on their needs and expectations by continuously improving the implementation and thus the effectiveness of quality, health, safety, and environment management systems.
  • JTC is committed to provide quality products and services starting from initiation up to handing over by addressing the risks and providing proper action plans on timely manner.
  • JTC is committed to protect the environment and prevent pollution throughout the construction process by addressing the environmental aspects and implementing systematic monitoring and control measures.
  • JTC is committed to prevent injury and ill health by assessing the occupational health and safety risks.
  • JTC shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and pertinent obligations.
  • JTC is committed to implement and communicate this IMS Policy to all employees within the organization, and to any other concerned parties.

JTC management will ensure that this IMS Policy is understood, reviewed, and disseminated to all concerned people.